Sam W. Pisciotta

So, here's how it is--

Living in Colorado
Teaching visual art
Drawing daily
Playing with inks
Painting with watercolor
Gluing things together
Watching myself move through time
Trying to slow it down in a moment of creation

But there's also this--

Wondering the world when I can
Playing with family
Running in giant loops around the neighborhood
Writing flash fiction
Drinking pints of stout
Looking for a drum circle to beat the djembe
Trying to find the rhythm

Artist's Statement

For me, the process of making any art is a way to explore those thoughts and feelings that demand my attention, and ultimately to communicate those ideas. I lean toward visual art for this expression because it seems more spontaneous, both in its creation and its revelation. My use of mixed-media allows me to build the work with the freedom to switch media and build in layers, revealing unexpected juxtapositions, deep textures, and strong graphic layouts. I lean toward more muted palettes, earthy and soft, often dark, and this allows me to find an emphasis on the light placed within each piece. My current work deals with either notions of our place in time or our connection with the natural world. For me, both of these are paths toward what Coleridge called the Sublime. They place me squarely in front of the abyss staring back at myself. In essence, thoughts of the past, thoughts of the future, thoughts of my place in the natural world all leave me with a feeling of being connected to the here and now.

Magnificent Small Works
CAEA Group Show
Bridge Gallery-Colorado Springs, CO May, 2017
Bailey, CO June, 2017
Denver School of the Arts-Denver CO September, 2017
Sterling, CO February, 2018

Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition: Professional Division--juried 2016, 2015, 2014
The Daily Grind -- solo show December 2015
The Warehouse Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO 2013-2015
Pueblo Community College Gallery 2013 w/ 38 Degrees
The Business of Art Center Manitou Springs, CO w/ 38 Degree Retrospective 2011
Own Your Own Art Show (December 2010) Sangre de Cristo Arts Center
The Loft (November 2009) Pueblo, CO : Shadow Dance--Masks
The Marriot at the Pueblo Convention Center (Ongoing) Pueblo, CO : corporate display in main lobby.
Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Show (Auguest 2009) Colorado State Fair : juried. Recieved 2nd Place in the professional 2D division.
The Loft (July 2009) Pueblo, CO : 38 Degree Latitude show.
Wireworks (July 2009) Pueblo, CO : 38 Degree Latitude show.
Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Show (August 2008) Colorado State Fair: juried.
Sangre de Cristo Arts Center (February 2008) Pueblo, CO : Human | Nature | Art: Environmental Art. Solo show in the Board Gallery.
V Bar (December/January 2007) Colorado Springs , CO : Exhibition with one other artist.
Park East Restaurant (November 24 – December 9, 2006) Pueblo , CO : Four-artist show.
Phantom Canyon Brewery (August - November 2006) Colorado Springs , CO : invitation. Exhibited 16 works
Shoot the Moon (June 2006) Sangre de Cristo Fine Arts Center— Pueblo , CO : juried

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