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New Story Published

I’m excited to announce that my short story “Humming by Moonlight” has been published in the summer issue of Gold Dust Magazine. The magazine is published in Great Britain for a worldwide audience.

This story started with music. When I follow the thread of my life backward, music is always there. All the major events in my life (and the stretches in between) are marked by song. Listening to particular bits of music can trigger full memories. As a child, harmony was cooked into me during those early piano and guitar lessons. Vibrating strings passing into my core. I think many people have a similar relationship with music. It is something that brings us together as a species, riffing through time and space and playing to the beat of the drums pounding within our own chests.

“Humming by Moonlight” is about that. I hope you enjoy it.

You can read the summer issue—and my story 🙂 —for FREE on ISSUE or download a .pdf from the publisher. Physical copies are also for sale by the publisher.

Riding Solo

Humanity has found itself divided. Literally. We’re all hiding in our separate spaces, maintaining a healthy distance from one another. On a larger level though, we’re all coming together, doing our part to beat back the threat at the door. Covid-19 has spread across the world. This is undoubtedly a time when fear and loneliness are easy to find, but we can also use this opportunity to find our center.

Bluejay visits pond.

This is a chance for us to remember what is really important in life. Health is one obvious answer—the importance of our own health, the health of our family and friends, the health of strangers bound to us through community, and yes, the health of our planet.

I’m lucky to be spending my time in isolation in a house with a large backyard—a nice sized space at the back of a cul-de-sac with several large pines and a beautiful, tall locust. At the back of the yard my wife has built a stone pond and waterfall. Blue Jays sometimes come here to feed and drink. They’re an aggressive bird and aren’t afraid to take their place at the water. I love watching them.

While waiting for the world to restart, I’m using the additional studio time to draw this beautiful bird. It’s part of my Aviary Nouveau series which blends both realistic and stylistic elements. I’m not a healthcare worker. (Believe me, they have my most earnest thoughts and prayers). What I am is an artist and creating, even in the face of tragedy, is what I can do. Birds are creatures both of earth and sky—emissaries to the heavens. I’m sending up this one as my prayer for healing.

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