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The Ages of Death

Death as an old woman. She sags inside her moss-green dress, her winter coat a fossil gray. Faded and tattered. Her hand clutches the cane she doesn’t bother to use, letting it drag behind her as she shuffles up to the ticket kiosk. One fare for the blue line. The[…]

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Humming by Moonlight

I had lived alone in the house only a few months before I started hearing the music in my bedroom closet. The song was like the whisper of notes children hear from an ice cream truck still several blocks away–almost a dream, but real enough to make them run inside[…]

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Balance Due

An Urban Fantasy Kinny pulled the prize from his pocket and held it between his fingers. He smiled at the way the light glistened over its surface. Glancing up, he saw the goblin sitting several rows ahead of him on the bus. The creature was staring. At this hour the[…]

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