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Madison Inn 235
The Madison Inn Room 235 limited edition digital prints
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We are living in a world of our own creation.  I’m not sure when or where I first heard that idea, but I know that it resonates with me.  I remember as a teenager asking a friend, “What if we are all just parts of God?  Literally.”  Much later adding to the question with, “What if we have collectively agreed to invent this universe so that we could experience the novelty of time and space?  Sort of a metaphysical carnival ride.  I’m not really sure where I picked up these ideas, but I’ve always been an avid reader of both mythology and science fiction.  Somehow I got them along the journey.

Still, those questions fascinate me.  Much of my art deals with the issue of our passage through time, our role in this universe.  As I get older, the nature of time and space seem even more important.

When I first came up with the idea for The Madison Inn series (included in my Digital Paint and Photography gallery) the idea of inventing spaces excited me.  This is not new, I know.  Painters, writers, and even (arguably) musicians have always done this.  But these rooms would be of my own design–spaces steeped in the imagery of fractured time and space, illusions to spirit.  They are my way of time traveling–and at the same time revealing the illusion of linear time.

We step into The Madison Inn and instantly recognize its elements, but they don’t quite seem to fit either.  We feel at once both familiar and uneasy–which is to say (for some of us anyway) as we’ve returned home.

There are three compositions in the series, with a fourth on the way.  Hope you find them interesting.

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