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Recent Publication in Canyon Voices Literary and Art Magazine

Newly Published Work! Proud to announce my publication in Canyon Voices Literary and Art Magazine.  The journal’s winter issue (#18) has one of my short stories and two of my artworks inside.  Thanks to Rachel Passer, one of the editors, for all of her help, and Canyon Voices for this opportunity!

Rachel’s Instagram is @rj.passer, and find Canyon Voices on Instagram here: @canyonvoiceslitmag.

See the work here: https://cloud.3dissue.com/75238/75586/89748/CanyonVoicesOnlineLiteraryMagazine/index.html


Balance Due

One of my Urban-Fantasy flash fiction pieces will be published in Canyon Voices–the literary publication out of Arizona State University. Balance Due is scheduled for publication December 2018.

Kinney is a proper ogre, raised to follow the ogre’s code. During a chance encounter on a late-night bus through the city, Kinney meets a goblin with no sense of honor and only one thing on his beastly mind-fill his own belly. Is it any wonder Kinney should lose his patience with the creature?

Link coming soon.

Men in Holes


We come from darkness. We come from the earth.
And it’s where we’ve been heading since the moment of birth.

Escape is in our nature. We struggle from the womb, riding the waves of contractions to our first taste of air. The sunlight helps us grow stronger and taller and farther away.

Men in Holes

charcoal and pastel

But our feet were built to stay on the earth, toes curling into the soil like roots. Sturdy legs to bare the weight of a lifetime, standing like stalks, building at the pace of cellular growth.

We look upward into the blue and we dream, and the light above, though beautiful, blinds us.

What we can’t see is that we have never left our holes.

Arms flail. Hands grasp. We stretch our bodies upward like contortionists toward a place high above where only the eye can go. Where only the mind can go. Where only the soul can go.

Hush little baby don’t say a word,
Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.

Let her assure you, this woman who held you deep inside, that this hole need not be your grave. You are not the rot and decay that they will find there. You are above. Shot out like a flock of larks into the morning light.

These birds have the right idea—dream it, and it is so.