Short Stories


  • “Doves Fly in the Morning”, Analog Science Fiction and Fact
  • “The Moonlight Eels”,
  • “Los Pajaritos”, TBA within contract process


Piano Lessons in the Dark“, Etherea Magazine, September 28, 2022

“The absolute best song for chasing away monsters is Für Elise. They can’t run away fast enough. And the quicker I play, the faster they run. Of course, I’ve gotten good at playing it; my fingers snap over the piano keys—E, D#, E, D#, E, B, D, C, B.”

Studies in Alchemy“, Wyldblood Magazine, July 20, 2022

Sephtis reached into a flower box thick with dark-red geraniums and plucked a flower that shouldn’t have been there—a single, white chrysanthemum. He weaved through the tables of the open café along the Hudson where small groups of people chatted over their lunches.

Blue Line on a Winter’s Night“, Factor Four Magazine, July 01, 2022

The only people riding the Blue Line on a night this cold are people trying to stay alive. I almost didn’t make it onto the train before the doors closed, and I doubt I could’ve lasted till the next one arrived. Two coats and a scarf—that shit means nothing in this weather.

The Settlement at Quelon Bay“, Martian, July 01, 2022

Dad gave his life to see me safe, to get me to this pod headed for the orbiter. Safe from the feathery brutality of the Kohl with their ripping talons and hollow eyes. They arrived after us and wanted it all.

Island of Dolls“, Ghostlore Anthology, Part 2–Hauntings, April 01, 2022, The Alternative Stories Podcast, edited by Lyndsey Croal

Fog drifted off the dark waters around Xochimilco. Fantasma de la tierra, they would say. Ghost of the earth. Bent trees tangled across the island like charcoal smudges scratched into the land.  It was said that lost souls lived in that wood, twisting the trunks and creaking the branches.